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About KenKlaudt


Ken Klaudt’s great-great- great- great grandmother took care of Sacagawea, a young girl among the Arikara/Mandan/Hidatsa Indians, served as a guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark expedition across the Rocky Mountains to Columbia River and Pacific Ocean. They spent the winter with the Arikara on the North Western Expedition of 1804 and 1806. 

Ken’s grandfather, One Feather and Little Soldier - son of Sitting Bull, fought in Custer’s Battle in 1876 at the Little Big Horn River in Montana serving as scouts for the U.S. Cavalry.  Dr. and Mrs. Hall, missionaries of the Congregational Church from New York via the Church of England came to “Like a Fish Hook” the village of the Mandan, Arikara, Hidatsa tribes in North Dakota.  Ken’s grandmother Dikah Williania Little Soldier was one of the first converts to Christianity.  Next, Klaudt’s mother, Lillian White Corn Little Soldier, Arikara from the Mandan tribe, a direct descendant of General Custer’s scouts were saved. Later, his mother Lillian White Corn Little Soldier received Jesus Christ as Lord. Thus, began the original Klaudt Indian Family Gospel Singers that performed and ministered as a group for more than 70 years. The family sung for many years on gospel TV shows from Nashville to Hollywood.


Ken Klaudt Awards & Acknowledgements

Mr. Klaudt has been president of his insurance company for 37 years.  He received numerous awards, accolades, and recognition by United States Presidents, Congress, State Governors, Senators, and House Representatives, Chamber of Commerce, Business Associations, Schools, Churches, and civic organizations.

  • Received awards from Louie B Nunn Kentucky, Governor Georg Busbee of Georgia, Arthur A. Link of North Dakota and Governor Edward T. Schafer of North Dakota, Governor Sonny Purdue of Georgia and Senator Zell Miller of Georgia.

  • Congressional Business Leadership Award

  • Congressional Advisory Council Committee Award

  • Past Lieutenant Governor Chartered Club President of the Optimist Club International

  • Worked with the Chamber of Commerce, government officials and church groups

  • Invited to Washington, DC along with Senator Ben Night Horse Campbell for the grand opening of the Smithsonian Native American Museum and the unveiling of the statue of Sacagawea at the United States Capital

  • Furthermore, Ken Klaudt is music major with a professional sound, with a musical message and a sincere style of inspiration to meet the personal needs of all people to whom he performs for churches, clubs, and community organizations.

  • Ken has sung in the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, and the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC; sung at the Atlanta Braves Stadium and many well know venues.  He was also was invited to speak and sing in Kiev, Ukraine Russia

  • Appointed by the National Congress of American Indians as the Commissioner of the Native American Inaugural Olympic games.

  • Recently, he spoke at the University of Liverpool and performed live at the Hope Festival in Liverpool England.  This city is home of the Beetles.


Social Events & Engagements Availability

Ken Klaudt is available for speaking engagements, personal appearances at as a Native American Historian to speak at schools, colleges, universities, churches, society clubs, and community events. He has over 37 years of gospel music and jazz artist with a passion for Native American History. He’s also the Chief Commissioner over the Native American Games and National Congress of Indian Affairs.
Most importantly, Ken loves the Lord Jesus Christ.  He sees his mission to reach and bring to light America’s forgotten people who need emotional, health, education, employment, and spiritual resources.